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Tozemon is an AI-powered marketing platform, where each NFT represents a share in the project's profits.
All 100% of net profit goes to the community
100% of the project's net profit are allocated to staking pool. Every Tozemon NFT holder will be able to stake and start receiving passive income in stablecoins.
Receiving rewards via staking pool will further limit the supply on the secondary market and raise the floor price of the NFT
The main product of the project is an automated platform for high quality promotion of web3 projects. Tozemon helps projects to build trust and credibility through subscriptions from the most influential members of the community. Popular promotional tools can get big numbers of subscribers, but the real traders and OGs in the web3 space aren't interested in such content. Tozemon solves this problem and helps projects get AAA quality subscribers.
Tozemon uses the Solana blockchain. The distribution of profits is done through a staking smart contract, providing transparency and reliability to the process.
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