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NFT collection



The pre-sale will take place on Bitcoin network.
Only 333 digital artifacts will be inscribed in Bitcoin forever. This artifacts are exclusive and extremely limited. Each holder of Tozemon ordinals will be allowed to mint a free clone on Solana to get full utilities

Main sale

The main collection is based on Solana blockchain with a limited supply. Exact number is TBA (will be short).
Mint price is TBA. The final price depends on $SOL rate.
No additional tokens will be issued in the future. This creates a limited supply and potentially high demand for the tokens, which could drive up their value.


The main character of this collection is Tozemon, a robot with artificial emotions and feelings.
The collection consists of 150 unique traits, each representing the individuality and uniqueness of Tozemon.
There will also be randomly minted some 1/1 artworks. This adds an extra level of excitement and exclusivity for collectors.
However, the Tozemon NFT collection is not just about beautiful artworks. It also has an immersive lore that tells the story of the Tozemon. You'll be able to dive into the unique lore of the project and uncover the secrets and adventures of Tozemon while enjoying the beauty and distinctiveness of each artwork.

Contract Info

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