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Stage 1. Concept & Community

  • Whitepaper
  • NFT website launch
  • Socials launch
  • KOLs onboarding
  • Ordinals special pre-sale
  • Main NFT minting event
  • Secondary market

Stage 2. Passive income starts coming

  • First payouts
  • Project main website launch
  • Referral program
  • Staking pool launched
  • Marketing and sales optimization
  • Weekly financial reports

Stage 3. Expansion and more passive income

  • Launching segmented solutions for new markets (p2e, gambling, betting, DeFi)
  • More profits for holders
  • Decentralized marketing agency

Stage 4. Becoming a legend

  • Developing of a web application for projects with user area, analytics dashboard, subscription tools and automated reports
  • Automated launch and better UX
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