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Utilities for Tozemon all NFT holders:
  • Getting a share of the project profits
  • Staking with $SOL and stablecoins rewards (100% of net profit goes to staking pool)
  • Dope PFP
  • Voting power (project community governance)
  • Discounted use of Tozemon tools
  • Community giveaways, airdrops, etc
  • Closed alpha research and WL allocations
  • Access to the referral system
  • Access to the Tozemon job offers
Utilities for Tozemon 50+ NFT holders:
  • Super close chat directly with the core team
  • Special 1/1 NFT airdrop
  • Pre-voting governance
  • Personal collab manager + early access to WL allocations
  • Free month of Tozemon bot use
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