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Tozemon marketing tools

General description of the tool


Anyone who has ever tried to make their own NFT project probably knows that the NFT marketing space is full of fake engagement tools and scammers. Based on our extensive experience in web3 marketing, we realized the need for a reliable solution. So we created Tozemon, a powerful marketing tool that fits our own strict requirements.
Originally designed for internal use, Tozemon demonstrated exceptional results in building trust and connections, unlike giveaways and other Twitter promotions. Encouraged by its success, we decided to make it public. As our client base grew, we realized the long-term potential of the idea and the need for community and funding to make it a reality.
This realization led us to create a revenue-sharing NFT collection. By combining the interests of our team with the community, we want to achieve long term and sustainable results and show that marketing at NFT can be about quality, not just quantity.

Basic info

Tozemon is an automated platform for high-quality promotion of NFT collections, which primarily aims to generate credibility, connections and exposure around the most influential members of web3 community.
Our list of tools will grow over time and will include solution to make connections with other projects, influencers, minters, analysts, etc. An of course we will use AI to make the process automated and smart as it is possible.
Every tool on the platform works on a subscription model and all profits generated monthly are allocated into the staking pool.
While our current focus lies on Twitter, our roadmap includes expanding our tools to Discord, Telegram, and Instagram. Additionally, we aim to deliver a professional analytics dashboard that matches to both traditional business intelligence and web3 requirements, providing valuable insights to our customers.

Targeting segments

Tozemon has different target groups. Currently we are working with:
  • BTC NFT (Ordinals)
  • ETH L2 NFT
In development:
  • GameFi
  • DeFi
  • Gambling
  • Betting