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The Tozemon's story

Chapter 1

In the distant and cold environment of the Orbital Hub #7, Tozemon was brought into existence. He was no ordinary robot. His software environment was sophisticated enough to use simulated thoughts and emotions. It was a grand experiment to see if the machine could truly feel.
Despite the tremendous capabilities of his artificial intelligence, for years he was alone, with no other robots to share his thoughts and emotions with. Then one day Tozemon decided he wanted to change his life.

Chapter 2.

So, Tozemon's journey began. He spent much time searching space for robots like him. He looked for robots with similar functions, designs, and interests. But he couldn't find anyone to talk. Despite this, Tozemon didn't give up. Each failed try made him stronger. During this time, he started to think about who he was. He realized he was looking not just for friends, but also for a purpose. This journey was changing him, making him more than just a robot. It was making him feel.

Chapter 3.

After spending many years in scientific research, Tojoemon finally found the solution he was looking for. He created a unique device that allowed him to detect robots in limitless space, mirroring his own design.
This unique device was not just a robot locator, it also had the ability to recognize emotional similarities, tracing their threads through the endless tapestry of space. Armed with this device, Tozemon, full of hope, set off for the coordinates of his possible friends.
To be continued...